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Social Google? Or just another way to keep daily users' committment to share an ad-free environemnt?

Last updated 6 years ago

Google may have left many underwhelmed with its last two social initiatives, Wave and Buzz, but this track record did little to quell the excitement that heralded the launch of its new social network, Google+.

So - in fact - if someone claims a registered business listing and verifies the data with Google's Map data - welcome to Gmail HENCE G+

Got my G+ setup and searching while logged in makes the Alt-Tab to the last Window irrelevant - here I see who likes and comments. As alternative I search also Bing and see the Facebook thumbs-up like button made it's way in their users usage.

With "insane demand" for Google+, we ask whether it is worth such excitement, if it can knock Facebook off its perch - and what businesses should know about the latest social network on the block?

What is it? There are five main features to Google+.

  • Circles – this allows you to build relationships much like Facebook, but with the key difference that unlike Facebook, which lumps your closest friends in with more distant relationships, Circles allows you to put your friends into groups. For instance, you could have a group for friends, family and work colleagues, allowing you to communicate with each group in a different way.
  • Huddle – this is a group chat feature, useful for trying to organize a meet-up with multiple people on the move.
  • Sparks – finds connections and discussions relevant to your own interests.
  • Hangouts – a feature working with Google Chat, this offers real-time conversations and video chats with friends.
  • Instant Upload – enabling videos and photos to be shared in an instant.


The thing is though, that the any particular user interface is attached to a user generation. If Computer literate, old people AOL, Work Cube Nation Hotmail MSN, 1980is eco boomers are Yahooers and Generation X uses Gmail. The rest of the world uses mobile apps to communicate and where broadband exists - Skype is the private VoIP application. Who will win the cross platform application that makes voice recognition the unifier of all OS and make model..

It's coming ...


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