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    Prioritizing Local Search Profile Listings: 2 Methods

    Last updated 2 years ago

    "Looking to start building those citations for local SEO?
    Columnist Lydia Jorden shares her strategy for determining which local business listing sites is worth investing in."

    Remember the days of Yellow Pages? When phone numbers, billing addresses and RASCIL factors were the basics of all business listings? If you were not in the phone book – you didn’t exist. And if you didn’t pay your bill – your phone went dead.

    The digital migration from traditional directories to internet directories (YP->IYP) has made its mark, on how the digital age still adheres to these rules today. Copper rules and a verified billing address in good standings with the BBB is hard to convert into a digital DNA.

    Follow the bread crumbs and outthink the next search engine algorithm update. Even search engines rely on huge data balloons created by the Bell companies.

    At the end of the articel it says: "Track Your efforts" - and the best SaaS in that department in my opinion is ReachEdge. So if you are in New York City, search for reachedge nyc - und you will find my my Smart-Site and more information.

    This is what my generation has created: Infotainment | a broadcast material that is intended both to entertain and to inform.

    Last updated 3 years ago

    infotainment | in·fo·tain·ment

    Infotainment is "information-based media content or programming that also includes entertainment content in an effort to enhance the popularity with audiences and consumers."[1] The term can also refer to the hardware/software products and systems which are built into or can be added to vehicles in order to enhance driver and/or passenger experience.

    It is a neologistic portmanteau of information and entertainment, referring to a type of media which provides a combination of information and entertainment. According to many dictionaries[2] infotainment is always television, and the term is "mainly disapproving."[3] However, many self-described infotainment websites exist, which provide a variety of functions and services.,[4] many of which include the several increasingly popular social media websites and applications being used daily by billions of users worldwide.

    Check out Social Media Cheat Design Sheet Infographic 2014

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Print out and staple to all digital media management work benches, screens, monitors and walls!

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    "Strategy without Execution is Hallucination."

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Shares of small business e-commerce provider ReachLocal (RLOC) are up 25 cents, or 2.4%, at $10.55, after the company today named former Thomson Financial CEO Sharon Rowlands as its new chief executive.

    Some of things of the interview I liked hearing..

    “I really like product companies, ones that listen to what customers need,” she tells me, pointing to shower fixtures maker Moen, a company she respects for how it studies consumer behavior to design new products. ReachLocal needs to do more of that sort of product development on behalf of its small business customers, she says.

    To date, ReachLocal has done things such as helping small businesses make their own Web sites and optimize how they advertise on search engines. Rowlands wants to help businesses complete several steps of the total selling process, from prospecting, vetting leads, booking appointments with customers in the case of services, schedule those service visits, and follow up afterward.

    “It’s really moving to something more like a full workflow for small businesses,” she tells me, rather than marketing.

    But my favorite saying I heared from her today was in her video to the company:

    "Strategy without Execution is Hallucination."

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    A product term search from Cairo.

    Last updated 4 years ago

    • localSearch-reachedge nyc
    • localSearch-businessMainPhn#

    This experimental searching for a fairly new brand term, with a locality description or geo tag - all done from abroad (Cairo, Egypt), has shown great organic visibility for a site that celebrates its 2 month's birthday.

    Big thumbs up. And Google has not even reached its potential around here.
    Voice recognition and local mobile search are thought to be fiction, and now everyone, I hope will start creating demand,..


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